The sport city project in Basra governorate

  A contract was signed with one of Abdullah Aweys, an Iraqi private company, to implement the first phase of the project (Sports City in Basra Governorate). Our contract included (land leveling works, soil remediation, backfilling operations, grading and preparation of work sites and preparing materials for sand, gravel, spac and asphalt).


A project in favor of Al-Inma Company for the manufacture of construction materials limited

A contract for the implementation of major works for the Al-Inma Company for Construction Materials Industry Ltd., which includes (oxygen production plant – Electric arc furnace transformer building – Powder furnace transformer building – Gravel preparation – Sifter sand preparation – Iron and cement supply of various types – Civil works for the power station).

The Ministry of Housing and Construction

1- A contract was signed with the Ministry to maintain the (Abu Nawas) brick factory, electrical materials and safety materials.
2- Equipping it with consumables and fuel.

Ministry of Education

   A contract has been made with (Ministry of Education – General Directorate of Baghdad Education – Rusafa 1 – Department of School Buildings), and the company has maintained and restored (13) schools in Baghdad in the two regions (Al Shaab and Ur district), constructed sanitary bathrooms and clad in squares.

Abu Al-Khasib Sewage Project Tender No. 70/3 / Municipalities (The project is under implementation)

A contract has been signed with the Company of Thought, the main representative of the Indian company Bambush, to implement the project for the benefit of Basra Governorate. The contract includes (works of dredging, boundaries, earth settlements, manufacturing and processing of caravans for sites, preparing the site with containers to store materials, preparing the project with special wheels, preparing the project’s need of gravel, sand and spacecraft, and preparing generators Perkins, number (4), manufacturing and erecting all electricity poles for the work site at a height of 4.5 meters and equipping the columns with lighting requirements in full with carrying out the work of connection and operation and equipping the site completely with water pipes and sewage pipes and carrying out all blacksmithing works and preparing all the heavy machinery such as flanges, cranes, hooks, plugs and forklifts that he needs Working and equipping the project with all types of fuel completely.


Al-fau Engineering company

Logistical contracts for their projects and equipping them with materials for constructing bridges and buildings such as (asphalt – gravel crushed gravel – technical bricks – cement – iron of all sizes – wood of all sizes). 

Project of establishing a shopping center (mall) in Al-Khora for the year 2017-2018

Beneficiary Al-Khora Company – Basra – type of work – works of the first phase of the implementation of the project and includes all earth works with the establishment of concrete bases.

Contract for establishing bases for control rooms for the gas isolation project

The beneficiary, Shams Al-Sabah General Contracting Company – which implemented the project for the Italian company ENI in the areas of Al-Zubair, Al-Rafidiyah, and Hammar Musharraf. Type of work (excavation, burial and casting works of concrete bases c40)

The contract for the Zubair gas power plant with the US General Electric Company

A secondary contracting contract – the site of implementation Basra – Al Zubair – the beneficiary Shams Al Sobh for General Contracting and working for the American General Electric Company, and will guarantee the full earthwork for the project.

Electrical and construction materials and materials

The implementation was carried out in Basra Governorate – Garmat Ali – and includes maintenance, rehabilitation and protection of water and gas pipelines under the main roads, and work for the British company BP.

Contract with Chinese CPECC Company

The contract included the following:

1. Create a (BRC) fence, which is coated with an insulating layer.
2. Excavating a trench for the purpose of laying a 48-inch pipe at the work site at Garmat Ali.
3. Logistical support for the electrical system.
4. Excavation and transportation of work waste.

Contracts with telecom companies

Orascom Telecom (Iraqna): (Several contracts have been concluded with the company, including the installation of installations in Baghdad and Diyala – supplying equipment, generators, the electrical system and the cooling system – maintenance of the citates in Baghdad, Diyala, the Middle Euphrates, and Basra – supplying fuel for all sates).
(NSN) Nokia Siemens Network: It includes the work of Surface Power + Technology in the governorates of Wasit and Basra.
Korek Telecom Company: (and ensures the provision of logistical support for the company in the governorates of Wasit and Basra).
Asia Cell Company: (Several contracts have been concluded with the company, including logistical support in the governorate of Baghdad and the installation of communication towers – receiving, transporting and distributing the company’s monthly fuel quota to all parts of Iraq).
Zain (Atheer Telecom): Several contracts have been concluded with the company that include logistical support, including Service Power, Technikel, and the installation of telecommunications sites in the governorates of Baghdad, Diyala, Basra, Najaf, Karbala and Babil).
Umniah Telecom Company: Our companies obtained logistical support contracts in most Iraqi provinces.
Halabja Group of Companies: (The contract includes a contract to install integrated communications services in the Sulaymaniyah governorate).
Itisaluna Communications Company: (and ensures the provision of logistical support for the company in the governorates of Baghdad and the Middle Euphrates).
Dareen Company: (The contract includes providing logistical support for the benefit of Cork Telecom, and includes technical and logistical support for communications services in the governorates of Baghdad and the Middle Euphrates).

Logistical support contracts

1. CPP Machinery Leasing Contract for the year 2017.
2. A contract with Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital to maintain the electrical system.
3. A contract with the Republican Hospital in Basra to maintain the electrical system.
4. Our contracts with Honda, the Iraq Branch, which has a project to implement and operate the Karbala Investment Refinery. The contracts include logistical support, supplying all types of industrial iron, and an advanced fixed and mobile fire extinguishing system with the supply of primary construction materials with safety materials and comprehensive safety.
5. Fajr Al-Iman Company won a contract with Baghdad Soft Drinks Company, which includes transportation and logistical support.
6. A contract with (Iraq Tell) Company in Basra Governorate, which includes logistical support.
7. A contract with the Kendal Contracting Company in the Euphrates, in the form of logistical support.

Logistic support contracts for foodstuffs

Al-Rafidain Summit Company has long experience and long experience importing all the materials involved in logistical support, including frozen meat, flour and foodstuffs from global origins according to the approved specifications and under official import licenses issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Trade for the benefit of international companies holding investment licenses in the oil sector in Iraq and by means of Company (GCC).

A) British oil company BP-RUMALA COMPANY.
B- (LUKOIL COMPANY) oil company.
D- (EDGOCOMPANY) Oil Company.
C- The (SHELL COMPANY) oil company.
H- The petroleum company (PETROFAC COMPANY).
G- (LAYTON COMPANY) oil company.
Y- (DAQING BASE COMPANY) oil company.
R. The oil company (BP- SARAF COMPANY).
G- (GETR 2 COMPANY) oil company.
The oil company (GETR ABB COMPANY).
The oil company (GAZPROM COMPANY).
P. (LAVARGE COMPANY) oil company.
Z- The (SAMSUNG COMPANY) Oil Company.
I- (AHWAR COMPANY) oil company.
Z- (BASRA STORES COMPANY) oil company.
P. Chinese company (CPPE).
G. Chinese Company (CPPI).
Q. Chinese company (CPP).

Import contracts and import licenses

A contract for the summit of the Rafidain Path Company with the Ukrainian company (PISC MIKOLAIVSKY MILLING WORKS).
A contract for the summit of the Mesar Al-Rafidain Company with the English company (LTD.ADANALI).
The summit of the Mesar Al-Rafidain Company has contracted with (LTD. BELHLALPROD).
The summit of the Rafidain Path Company has been contracted with the Belarusian company (AL-HALIJ).
The Mesar Al-Rafidain Summit Company held a contract with the Malaysian Company (ATLANTIC MEDIA COMPANY).
The Rafidain Path Summit Company was held to import frozen red meat from the Ukrainian company (ZAGOTZBU-IIC / UKRANIE).
A license to import red naked meat issued by the Ministry of Trade / The General Company for Fairs and Iraqi Commercial Services No. 13071 on 3/5/2013.
The summit of the Rafidain Path Company was held to import flour from the Ukrainian company (UKRECHFLOT).
Al-Rafidain Summit Company has contracted with the German company (MANSEMANN) to import various hand tools, electrical materials and safety materials.
A license to import hand tools, dyes and their requirements, issued by the Ministry of Trade / The General Company for Iraqi Fairs and Commercial Services, number 24907.
A license to import lighting supplies, electrical materials and secondary ceiling supplies, issued by the Ministry of Trade / The General Company for Fairs and Iraqi Commercial Services with the number 111752.
A contract for the summit of Masar Al-Rafidain Company to import water mixers, kitchen hooks with two wings and paint brushes from Germany.
Contracts with the German company (PS INTERNATIONAL), the French company (TEXDECOR), the British company (SMITH & FELLOWS), the German company (RASCH), the German company (BNL) and the German company (AS) to import wallpaper materials, MDF paper, parquet, wood, plastic, vinyl tiles and all special accessories Decorating, brushes, glue, dyes, adhesives and brushes.
A contract for the top of Al-Rafidain Path Company with the German company (VENOL) to import all types of motor oils subject to European Quality Control (SGS).
The summit of the Mesar Al-Rafidain Company held a contract with the Polish company (TUBADZIN) to import ceramics, alabaster, porcelain and European tiles.