– German wholesale and retail direct selling market :

 This project is the first of its kind in Iraq and the service of the sons of Basra in particular through the provision of original materials established and international companies under the slogan “Germany is in your hands.” All materials were imported by ( ASKA DRILLING GMBH) ,

It is dedicated to the wholesale and retail direct sales of companies, institutions and citizens. The market contains German and European goods such as electric number, hand tools, number of work, bathroom sets, and the finest and finest items, all of which are German origin and subject to standardization and quality control in the country of origin, and also subject to the standards of control and quality in Iraq. Others for the exhibition in the capital Baghdad and some other provinces.

Address (Basrah – Dweid – near the bridge of the Qibla) .

– First Decade :

Contracting was contracted to import various electrical materials, hand tools, paints and lighting supplies Spare parts, spare parts, construction materials, motor oils and primary safety materials. These materials were shipped to the German market in Basra.

– Import licenses from Germany :

 On the sidelines of these activities, two official import licenses were issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce, No.  24907 , concerning the import of hand tools, dyes and all their accessories, and the second with the number ( 111753 ) for the importation of all light fixtures, electrical materials and secondary roofing requirements.


– Second Contract :

A large quantity of water mixers, a kitchen sink with two wings and brushes of different dyes and materials were all imported from Germany and are characterized by high technical specifications and according to the European specifications adopted in the European market countries. All materials were displayed in the German market in Basrah Governorate.

Third Decade :

The contract was signed by MUGAL BAUHANDEL GERMANY GMBH, one of the companies of the Fajr Al-Eman Group of Companies with a number of German companies. It was imported and supplied to the German market in Basra.